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Polyurethane coatings are becoming increasingly popular in the roofing market today because they provide a highly durable surface that protects the roofing system from a wide variety of conditions. Urethanes typically have higher tensile strength when compared to most other coatings, allowing the coating to resist expansion and contraction of the roof system. This can be very important in high stress areas, around penetrations, or on wall flashings where a building endures the most abuse.
Ideally, a well-designed roof will have no ponding water, but small bird baths are still common on most low slope roofs. Urethanes provide better protection in bird bath areas. Since roofs tend to fail first in areas prone to ponding water, selecting a urethane coating (in addition to creating positive drainage) is a good choice when this condition is present.
It is important to note that polyurethane coatings are broken down into two main categories: aromatic and aliphatic urethane formulations.
Aromatic urethanes can be a more cost effective choice for your roof restoration while still providing the core benefits of a urethane coating.
Aliphatic urethanes will not chalk or degrade in UV light, allowing them to maintain their appearance as well as their film integrity. They provide long-term protection from UV exposure as well as protection from other conditions.
• Chemical curing process creates a seamless,
   durable monolithic membrane
• Excellent UV resistance (Aliphatic)
• Quick to apply
• Better life cycle costing
• Outstanding adhesion
• Multiple surface applications
• Greater resistance to ponding water
• High impact resistance
• High physical properties
• Good chemical resistance
Durometer or Hardness Range 35 – 95 Shore A
Tensile Strength Range 500 – 6,000 psi
Elongation Range 150 - 900%
Abrasion Resistance Excellent
Adhesion to Metal Excellent
Adhesion to Rigid Materials Good
Impact Resistance Good to Excellent
Tear Resistance Good to Excellent

UV Resistance  
Aliphatic Polyurethanes Good to Excellent
Thermal Properties  
Low Temperature Range -40 to -65 deg. F
Minimum for Continuous Use -65 deg. F
High Temperature Range 180 to 220 deg F
Maximum for Continuous Use 200 deg. F
Environmental Properties
Pigmentation Capability Good to Excellent
Gas Permeability Good to Excellent
Odor Excellent
Ozone Resistance Excellent
Radiation Resistance Good to Excellent
Water Resistance Poor to Good
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