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The EVER-SILIC® HS is a single-component silicone elastomer specifically designed with high volume solids. It is a pure elastomeric silicone coating system that provides superior weatherproofing and UV resistance over a variety of roof substrates. The outstanding features of EVER-SILIC® HS are its high solids content, rapid cure, and superior physical properties.

Download Datasheet
Download Datasheet


• Prolongs the life of a roof while helping lower internal
  temperatures and reducing cooling costs
• Hydrophobic - withstands water penetration
• High tensile strength and abrasion resistance
• Excellent adhesion to a variety of roof surfaces
• Ease of application extremely fast and simple to install
• Slows degradation caused by normal weathering, aging,
  and ultraviolet rays
• Economical – extends the life of your roof
• Retains its integrity from -80°F to 250°F


Prior to coating any surface, be sure the coating will adhere by performing an adhesion test (ASTM D-903). Coating may be applied by brush, roller, or airless spray equipment. Do not apply when temperatures are below 40F (4.4C) or when precipitation is in the forecast within 48 hours. Spray application is not recommended below 50F (10C). In areas where the roof is subject to foot traffic, it is recommended to apply walkway pads for a granule surface the roof is subject to foot traffic, it is recommended to apply walkway pads for protection and slip resistance

Coverage Rate

1 gal / 100 sq. ft.
Color White
Shelf Life 6 mos. (unopened container)
Dry Time (75°F, 50% RH) >3
Dry Time w/Accelerator Pkg. >2
Weathering QUV 10,000 hours No degradation
Elongation, ASTM D-412 200%
Tensile Strength, (Die C) 300 psi
Permanent Set at Bread 1.0%
Permanent Change – Heat Aged 0%
Tension Set @ 100%, ASTM D-412 0%
Water Absorption, ASTM D-570 0.2
Durometer Hardness: Shore A 45 55
Permeability (U.S. perms) 2.0
Tear Strength 45 lbs./in
Solids by Volume 98%
Solids by Weight 98%
Viscosity 8,000 – 11,000 cps
Specific Gravity 1.20
Flash Point 280°F



EVER-SILIC® HS can be applied to aged or cured single-ply, metal, spray polyurethane foam, built-up roofing or modified bitumen, and concrete roof systems. Can be applied as part of a maintenance or repair program or as part of a complete restoration system with EVERROOF®'s SIL-THANE® Cool Roof System or EVER-SILIC® Cool Roof System.

All EVERROOF® products are to be used and applied with reference to and in conjunction with EVERROOF®'s Guidelines and Specifications.


Keep containers closed, store in a dry, cool place away from heat, sparks, open flame and moisture. Keep material stored above 65F (18C). Open containers should be blanketed with dry nitrogen before resealing.

Vapors are heavier than air and may travel along the ground or may be moved by ventilation and ignited by pilot lights, other flames, sparks, heaters, smoking, electric motors, or other ignition sources at locations distant from the material-handling point. Never use a welding or cutting torch on or near the drum. In case of fire, use CO2, steam, dry chemicals or water fog


Review all technical data sheets, system sheets, labels, instructions, MSDS, and Guide Specifications before mixing and applying. Mix 55 gallon (208.2L) drums and 5 gallon (18.93L) pails with a variable speed drill utilizing a jiffy mixer to suspend any settled pigments until a uniform color and consistency is achieved. Mixing time will vary based on temperature and atmospheric conditions.

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